Friday, March 8, 2013

Harry Musick (1946 - 2013)

Harry M. Musick, book and flea market maven, student of philosophy, U.S. Marine, author of just one published chapbook of prose and poetry: "Poems For The Abnormal Mind" (Soap Box Publishing, Stamford Connecticut, 1978).  Here are three excerpts:

     The nights were cold, and the moon left shadows of forthcoming danger.  Lurking in the darkness half starved animals waited silently for their prey.  Howls from dying beasts saturated the silence.  Fits of laughter echoed from the mouths of mindless men.

     The mortal chose to sit on the mountain for eternity.  He composed songs.  He sang to the goddess.  The music with a magic melody drifted to earth, compelling other mortals to conquer other peaks only to find that nothing existed but their own madness.

a river of blood
of human infamy
through a forest
with black
leafless trees
toward the dark,
             the starless heavens,
sprouting branches
from a scarlet sea.
Each tree
            a huge bulk
                            of stone
bled its guts
upon the foam
                   which bubbled


Kiss me softly gentle wind;
I am sighing.
Tales from a painful heart
Keep my loves from dying.